we can find Ladders


What is it about this spot
that brings me nearer You?

It’s really just a step
at the bottom of some stairs…

Yet sometimes sitting here
I see Creation unfolding.
I feel Your Love as it envelopes me.
I remember there’s no moment
We are not together.
I can have faith
You’ll help guide my steps.

Throughout Creation,
we can find Ladders
that help us ascend toward our Self,
if we fight past our defenses,
open up to what’s Present,
and surrender with faith in Gd’s Love.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Shavua tov, may it be a good week for each and every one of us, jen

I turn toward You


I turn toward You

Each breath
Each moment
I turn toward You
And pray that I’ll find
You’ve turned toward me too.

Abundant in Compassion,
Astonishing Grace,
Bless me, Eternal One,
with the Light of your Face.
Make Sacred the mundane.
Let Your Love carry me through.
Blind me with the Beauty
of a world filled with You.

carry us Home


carry us Home

There is a Love,
warm like the sun,
that melts all troubles away,
that fills up a room
so that we might float,
that turns night into
the brightest of days.

Please, Eternal Gd,
grace us with Your Love,
wrap us all in Your Joy,
that we might dance
to the rhythm of the Universe
and Your Love might carry us Home.

falling like snow


falling like snow
I’m walking in
the falling snow
with Your Love wrapped around me.
The blanket it muffles
the sound as I shuffle,
at times unaware I have feet,
for I’m floating on air
light as a feather
caught in an upward breeze.
Then as snow falls around me,
Your beauty astounds me,
and, like snow, I float down to my knees.

Please accept this gift


Please accept this gift

True North, for me, is not found using stars; it’s found with the voice that whispers in my heart of peace and abundance, a world without strife, Love between people, joyfully sanctified life.

That voice it whispers for everyone to hear. If not drowned by life’s noise, it can be crystal clear.

So run from distraction, wander into the dark, embrace the silence, open your heart to the spark, and find there the Truth that sets souls Free, that shows you who you were, who you are and will be, that teaches of Joy and Love and Light, that turns into day even the darkest of nights.

Please accept this gift, it’s a right of your birth, not just for you, but every human on Earth can stand in the Unity and hold infinity like a stone and know from then on she is never alone.


May 2018 bring, to each and every one of us, more Peace and Love, Wisdom, Joy, and Light. Shabbat shalom, jen

The Last Jedi (without spoilers)


photo of trading card

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy Star Wars saga because it is a timeless story of the few & weak against the numerous & mighty, and about how I have encouraged my sons to appreciate the struggle of the Rebels because it can show them values that I want them to have.

Values like faith, honor, dedication to a cause bigger than themselves, and courage to fight for justice and against oppression . . . . The same values that we Jews celebrate and teach at Chanukah.

So to celebrate Hanukkah last night, we went to see the new movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. My eight-year-old says it’s the best Star Wars yet. I’m not ready to go that far, but I will say it didn’t disappoint! In interviews, the actors have been saying there were plot twists that they didn’t expect, and I would agree there are surprises. And yet the story that unfolds is . . . amazingly beautiful in ways that I won’t yet discuss so as to not reveal spoilers!!!!

But I can tell you that –just as I had hoped– when the theater lights came up after the show, I found myself feeling more Jewish than ever . . . more dedicated to fighting for a future in which all people are free of oppression. Chanukah Sameach, indeed!

May the Force be with you!

Shabbat shalom, jen