The Reminder


There’s a man in my synagogue, a doctor, who’s of an age that makes it seem unlikely he’d have a tattoo.  But he has one.

It’s on his wrist, his left wrist, actually.   The location reminds me of tefillin, wrapped on the left arm to be closer to the heart.

The tattoo is of the Hebrew pictured above.  It’s pronounced “He-nei-ni” — which means “Here I am.”

“Heneini” was Abraham’s response when Gd called his name, Genesis 22:1, and then Gd tested Abraham by instructing him to sacrifice his son.

“Heneini” was Moses’s response when Gd called to him from the burning bush, Exodus 3:4, and then Gd sent Moses to free the Israelites from Egypt.

Thus, while Heneini might literally mean “Here I am,” it also seems to be the response of someone ready to do Gd’s Will, even at great personal expense.

One of these days, I hope to know the doctor well enough to talk to him about his tattoo.

For now, I’m just inspired by the fact that he carries this reminder with him in a location that is always visible to him.

His tattoo makes me wonder whether we all shouldn’t have such a reminder — not a tattoo necessarily, but something — to remind us to be listening for The Call and to be ready to do Gd’s Will…

6 thoughts on “The Reminder

  1. Dear Jen

    My Master gave instructions to lead a daily diary. There you put all your mistakes down in thoughts, words and deeds and, while doing so you have a confession to God, then you are in sweet remembrance of Him. The mistakes appear to you like something you have to overcome – if again and again there are the same mistakes (for example to use violence in thoughts, words or even deeds) . The 5 biggest thieves of the mind are: “Hate, anger, ego, lust and greed” – thieves, because they steel the food which is meant for the soul given by the creator. Then to check also truthfulness: humbleness, lies, decptions, deceit, hypocrisy and unhonest earned money (in games, in cheatings, in playing lotto etc…) – then for example: humbleness – vanity of knowledge, proud of possession, intoxication of power and influence, the what we eat and how we eat (in a clean atmosphere with thoughts towards God – no tv or other distracting things – just you and God and many more things in this diary.

    I think tatoos are not necessesary – if we can sit in peace alone with God every day to a certain time – then it will become our habit and we can forget the world for a while and be with our inner thoughts with Him.

    Thanks for sharing dear Jen
    All good wishes

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