in my heart cave



“St. Francis in Meditation” — Workshop of Francisco de Zurbaran (Spanish, 1598-1664), on display at Indianapolis Museum of Art



(a reflection on Psalm 23)


I have moments when I am afraid, when The Valley feels deep and Death’s Shadow looks long.

But always, in my heart cave, is You.

So I train myself to take refuge in my heart cave, where Your Light always shines, for there:
— I am never alone
— I am Loved (even when I fail)
— I am at peace
— I have faith
— I feel joy

And then, back in this material world, I need not be afraid. 


This week, whatever life brings, may we fear no evil, and may we be blessed with goodness and mercy.  
shavua tov to all, jen

7 thoughts on “in my heart cave

  1. Yes, dear Jen – we are in this world, but we are not from this world – our umbrella should be God who gives us shadow when the heat of the mind is trying to challenge us. So we with breath we should think of God, breathing in and breathing out with the tongue of the thought to remember our Father, every second…

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    All good wishes to you

      • Dear Jen,

        I herewith send you a link to download the pdf-book from Sant Kirpal Singh, about: “Mystery of death” – it is free and when you have read it, provided it interests you, then I would provide you for further spiritual books: for example: What is spirituality or 7 ways to perfection, or Wheel of life or Spiritual Elexir – all books are deeply connected with spirituality and of full appreciation they are unlike the “New Age” movement or esotheric modern business making corners real treasures – and true spirituality is always free as the air we breathe or the sunshine we receive from the sun (so no business should be made with the truth…)

        From heart to heart

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