Dust and Ashes


Dust and Ashes
I’m just dust and ashes, but this world WAS made for me! When my fear is out of the way, I’m able to see the pattern in the process, the rhythm of the rhyme, Hashem bringing what I need when it’s truly time for me to grow or to “shed another skin,” so I’ll keep “digging this well,” until this body’s just dust again!!


Rabbi Simcha taught we should keep a strip of paper in each pocket of our pants — one to remind us (when we feel arrogant) that we are just dust and ashes, and the other to remind us (when we feel down) that the world was created just for us.  

This Shabbat, let’s imagine holding both of those strips of paper at once. Let’s each remain certain that we are only dust and ashes, while also having no doubt that we have a unique, infinitely important role to play in the miracle that is Creation’s unfolding… for there, balancing both, is where we can find holiness.  

shabbat shalom to all, jen

5 thoughts on “Dust and Ashes

  1. Dear Jen

    Our body is made of matter, but we are not matter, we are the dweller of this body, we are the life impuse of this matter, however, we are mixed with this matter and so is our mind, our thoughts. When going beyond the body-consciousness, rising above the inner planes – we reach one plane it is called Sach kand and this dimension or plane is pure consciousness and there our soul is not connected with matter, ashes. Our true home is in God, but it is a long way back, this way we have to go back consciously. Our light is covered by many blankets – when removing one by one then more light will come (not the astral light which yogis, rishis and munis may see) – but the real light, the light of God.

    Have a serene weekend

    • Dear Didi,
      Thank you for your comment, which has again given me a “jumping off place” from which I can go learn! I have learned of the “blankets” — Hasidic Jews refer to them as layers of dirt on the pane of glass that is our pure soul. I have not heard of “Sach Kand” but from your description it may be what Jews call Yechidah, the 5th level of the soul where each of us is The One, without material form. Does that sound comparable? Nor do I know the difference between astral light and real light… any chance, my friend, that you could direct me to something that I could read about this distinction? Thank you for teaching me, and may your weekend bring abundant blessings to you!!! jen

      • Dear Jen,

        I can recommend to you following books of my Master Sant Kirpal Singh: “Naam or Word” in the Bible it starts: At the beginning was the word and the word was with Him… This Word is also called Naam and has not just the meaning as word – read yourself if you are interested in true spirituality, then the book: “Mystery of death” here you can read how our journey continues, where we come from and where we have to go… then read the “Crown of life also by Sant Kirpal Singh – once you have started to read one book you will like to read all His books. I can feel that you have longing for finding the deepest answers life puts to us. Also the books of Kabir: Anurak Sagar and The dialogues of Kabir are very deep spiritual treasures. And when you have questions of any kind I will give answers to it as good as I can. We have to live with the higher values of life and later with the hidden values of life. Spirituality is the art of life to understand what we really are, how our mind works and what is the purpose of life. It is not just a theoretical idea, we have to live it practically. If you are deeply interested in this subject there many things waiting to go into your heart, to understand these things with your heart. Do and learn always one thing at a time, no need to be multitasking, but then put your full attention into it. You come with humbleness and respect and this is very good 🙂 Yes, Yechidah seems to be the aqivalence of Sach Kand – above Sach Kand there are still three more divine planes. The 8th plane is the highest in which the Absolute God is living and He expresses Himself through light and sound, light and sound vibrate through His whole creation.

        Later, insofar you are interested, I will tell you about the first 4 planes, whereas the first one is that in which we live, the physical plane.

        Have calm and serene weekend, dear Jen
        All what is good for your soul

      • Thank you very much for your message, Didi. I am very interested in spirituality and will look into the books you have suggested. May God continue to bless you, my friend. Have a wonderful week, jen

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