many paths, One Unity



There are many paths,
but there is only One Unity.
The destination for all is the same.

So why fight over paths,
as if some words are better?
The Unity’s essence is ineffable.


shavua tov!  May it be a good week, a week of peace, for all, jen

3 thoughts on “many paths, One Unity

  1. My dear Jen

    Yes, each of us has a unique way, but there are thousands ways leading to Rome –
    Unity or Oneness or Ocean of the Almighty – is all the same and is the goal of everyone,
    in Him is our real home…

    Thank you so much, dear Jen and have a nice Sunday
    May God bless you and your dear ones, may God give longing for everyone,
    longing for the truth, love, light, life


    • Thank you, dear Didi, for your warm wishes. As I wrote that thought about one destination for many paths, I was thinking it was about different religions. After it was written, I thought it was about different denominations with each religion. And now that I shared it, you have shown me that it is also about individuals within denominations — that we each have our own way — thank you for teaching me with your wisdom!!May God bless you and yours as well, jen

      • Thank you, dear Jen, although we have different religions but their aims are in fact the same: all speak of love, all speak of Oneness, Unity, all speak of light and sound (candle light, bell, gong…), all speak of God with different names, but the One has all and none name, has all forms and none forms – the temple of God is our body, there He resides in everyone – and everyone has this extraordinary feeling to be al(l)-one – alone and all-one – this knowledge of being is connected with everyone, from heart to heart and yet it is separated by our ego which causes duality – so in reality everything is ONE, is He , He became Many but these Many are all part of Him, is Him in ONENESS –

        Thank you, dear Jen for your excellent contribution 🙂
        All what is good for your soul

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