And the message is??? 



I took that picture last weekend in Florida, and I’ve been drawn back to it nearly every day this week, almost as if I’m waiting for it to tell me… something…

But every day that I look, the picture seems to bring me a slightly different message about Life — about the cycle of life and death, about the interconnection of all existence, about finite matter “standing” at the edge of infinity and eternity, about the holiness and beauty inherent in moments of transition… 

So I decided that, this Shabbat, instead of telling you what I see, I’d post the picture and invite all of you to tell me what you see in it.   I’d love to hear what messages you see — please leave a comment and let me know!!   🙂  Thanks!

Praying Shabbat brings more shalom to all, jen 

4 thoughts on “And the message is??? 

  1. Dear Jen,

    I can see something like a rotten piece of a tree, maybe a root of it, which has stranded ahore – has been possibly a long time on its way before reaching the strand. This piece once was alive, had been its roots and position at a different place, used to live, had certain “memories” and was possibly rooted out by a storm, by a catastrophy or by man, just throwing things that they cannot make use of into the sea. Once I was in svalbard, 1000 km northwards from Hammerfest and Northcap (an island group called also “Spitzbergen” belonging to Norway, not far away from the North Pol. There I also saw stranded wood, a bit similar like that here and also those pieces had their migration and transmigration into something different, get mixed with sea-water and other components to experience a kind of metamorphosis and symbiosis, some life-forms that cling to that piece of old rotten wood, finding their home in it for a while – so everthing is migrating in the course of time, changing in new dresses, offering life for “companions”.

    Thanks for sharing it, dear friend 🙂

    Have a nice weekend

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