Jewish superstitions??


Friends — I’m currently taking a class on Jewish Magic and Superstition, about the ways in which various amulets, phrases, etc. have been used throughout Jewish history to “produce” a desired effect or to “protect” from evil forces.  

One well-known amulet is the Hamsa (derived from the word for “five” in Arabic), an example of which I have provided in the picture above.   Hamsa typically take the shape of a hand and they were/are believed to provide protection from evil.   

My homework assignment is to ask others about superstitious behavior they may have “inherited” from Jewish parents, grandparents, or mentors.   If you have any stories you are willing to share, I’d love to hear them!!!   Thank you for any help you can provide with my homework.  😊

shavua tov, jen 

5 thoughts on “Jewish superstitions??

  1. Dear Jens,

    By mistake I have placed my comment under a wrong subject – so it should stay here.
    When our heart is open and we deeply focus on God, then it is like a prayer which will protect us in any situation which may come to us.

    All good wishes

    • Dear Didi — Thank you for both of your comments. I read the materials at the link that you provided, and I do appreciate your compassion and concern. My class is a historical overview of 3,000 years of Jewish practice based on archaeological discoveries and ancient texts. The materials provide an opportunity to see the blurry boundaries between Judaism and other religious practices that existed and still exist. It’s more an academic or theoretical exercise than a practical or “how-to” course. But, as I said, I do truly appreciate your concern that I will be distracted from the Holy Gd of Unity! All good wishes to you as well, Didi!! jen

      • Thanks for your reply, dear Jen. I believe that we had a high culture that was present all over the world in ancient times – many things indicate that, so for example the old technical building like the pyramids from egypt, peru, mexico, cambodia that already used the the mathematical calculating size like PI and the “golden cut” – and in the Bible we have: that before the tower of Babilon was erected there was one language for all – so from many directions we can see a connection – as well as in religions. When we understand that we are not separated from God, then we also understand that we are all children of God. As it is said: Man made religions but God made man. My Master said: “It is not necessary to dig new wells (to create new religions)” and that everyone should stay in the religion he or she grew up with. But it is important to become a good Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh etc. – that means also to focus always on the One and Oneness and to rise above mere rituals and limitations which we even can see in our own religions.

        Thank you for your attention and have my full respect.

  2. Thank you, Didi. You have my full respect as well. I agree with you and your master that there is enormous beauty to be found in each of the religions that you mentioned, and that we as individuals must do the work to rise above the rote rituals of your religions to connect to the One.
    All the best! jen

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