Eternal Infinite Hashem



  Eternal Infinite Hashem
“Have I made a million missteps on my way Home? Or is this the path I was born to roam?” — I wonder as I wander looking for Gd each day without a Guru to show me the way. No example to guide me on this path where I’m Free. No one to answer questions but the voice inside me that whispers of Creation and Love and Light, that begs me to listen, to not struggle or fight for this world unfolds as Hashem wills and at the end of days I’ll be here still, for this soul inside me (a tiny piece of the Whole), it’s impossible to destroy; I’ll just melt back into the One of Love and Light, ineffable “WAS, IS, WILL BE,” who’ll answer questions that might remain until everyone begins calling The Name of the many gods as One — Eternal Infinite Hashem.
The One Eternal and Infinite Gd is known by many names across many religions — Judaism alone has 72!! The name for the Eternal and Infinite Gd that feels most comfortable to me is “Hashem,” which is Hebrew for “the name” and refers to the four-letter Hebrew name of Gd that cannot be pronounced.

Anyone else find that one name of Gd resonates with you better than others? If so, please feel free to leave a comment and tell me a little about the name that feels most comfortable for you!  
       shavua tov, jen

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