The miracle of parsley… and life


When we taught the religious school kids about Tu Bishvat a couple of weeks ago, we had them plant parsley seeds in little cups because it’s entirely too cold here to plant anything outside.  I brought the extra seeds home and planted them in a spare pot that I had, and the picture above shows their growth so far.   

I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy I’ve experienced this week watching the green growth unfold from the brown dirt!!   The green sprouts remind me:

  • that spring, with its warmer days and new green leaves, is coming soon; 
  • that every seed’s germination into a plant, like every child’s birth, truly is a miracle;
  • that, really, all of nature . . . our entire way of life on this planet . . . required a series of events that were improbable individually, making their combined occurrence nothing short of miraculous!!

This Shabbat, may we each find a moment to be humbled at the miracle that is Life, and may that realization make us more grateful for our blessed (though sometimes imperfect) existence… 

Shabbat shalom, jen

3 thoughts on “The miracle of parsley… and life

  1. Gardening and watching things grow is so inspiring. It makes me realise how Hashem really does everything because I for sure didn’t make a little stone grow!! There are so many life lessons we can learn from plants.
    Great post!

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