Shabbat & Tu Bishvat


I had a grand plan this morning!!!   I was going to work at my paid job until 4:30, and then write a post in the spare hour I’d have after driving to the synagogue.   The post was to be about a commentary by the Berdichever Rebbe on a verse from this week’s Torah portion — specifically Exodus 15:2, which says:  “Gd is my strength and might; this is my salvation.” 

And then, as the Yiddish proverb tells us about when humans make plans… “Gd laughed”… 

The Rabbi of my synagogue called me at 1:30.   He’s sick and needs someone to lead Shabbat service and the Tu Bishvat Seder tonight . . . Might I be willing?  

So, the hour for writing a post became an hour to prep for leading service… and I cobbled this post together in my ten minute walk from office to car because I wanted to say:

Shabbat shalom and… it’s Tu Bishvat, so be nice to trees, they clean our air!!   😊 jen

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