Of Kabbalah & Coffee


I just ended a wonderful four-day weekend with friends that included lots of study, prayer, walking meditation, and playing with their two young daughters.  It was just the “break from routine” that my geeky Jewish soul needed!! 

And although I didn’t find time to post here, it was a very creative weekend — intellectually, musically, and artistically.  I thought all the creativity was just because I was on vacation with a friend who insists that I need only be me, because that is all Gd expects of me . . . but, it turns out, her husband was giving me cups of Dark Spark coffee. 

In Kabbalah, “the dark spark” is the flash of light that, when emitted into “the void,” began all of Creation.   And, Kabbalists say, the dark spark wasn’t a one-time event.  Creation is ongoing, at every moment, all around and within us.  It is up to us whether we want to empty ourselves of the ego’s distractions so that we might take advantage of the opportunity to partner with Gd in recreating ourselves, and the world around us, at each moment. 

So, my creativity this weekend… was it just caffeine in the Dark Spark or was it the Kabbalists’ “dark spark”??  I don’t know . . . I’m just sharing my story of Kabbalah & coffee!!  😉

shavua tov, jen

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