nothing and The One


nothing and The One

If I could grant myself one wish
when I am filled with Gd’s Love,
I’d be able to open my chest
and ladle it out.

I’d pour it like Holy Water
on the heads of ‘lost’ souls,
and let that Love sink down deep,
shattering open their heart-caves.

Then suddenly they’d know
just as surely as I know:
•Gd’s Eternal Love is the only Truth;
•Gd’s Creative Power resides within us;
•living an eternity is being present in each day.

In time those souls would be ready
to open themselves to others
and give away the secrets
that transformed their lives,
the secrets I received
when I sat with the Guru
whose peace and compassion
shattered open my heart-cave,
allowing me to comprehend:

We’re each “nothing and The One.”



praying Shabbat brings shalom to us all, jen

2 thoughts on “nothing and The One

  1. Beautiful Jen, good Shabbos.
    I heard a long time ago from Rabbi Danny Kirsch of the JLE him quote Dovid haMelech in tehillim, “my cup runs over”. You have to fill your own cup with Torah and then you will be able to spill over into other people to reach out and inspire them as you yourself are inspired.
    Good shabbos and a freilichen Chanukah

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