P’nai Or Philadelphia 


screenshot from P’nai Or website
Saturday, I celebrated Shabbat with P’nai Or Philadelphia, a community affiliated with the Jewish Renewal movement. It was a truly wonderful Shabbat unlike any other I’ve ever experienced!!

The congregants were warm and welcoming. The atmosphere at Torah study was so calm and respectful that, as layers of the ancient text were unpacked, individuals could unpack a bit of themselves to connect more deeply to the story.  And the prayer service . . . it certainly wasn’t the same service I’m accustomed to attending in the Midwest!!  There were percussion instruments, uplifting melodies, vocal harmonies, and an insightful (and practically-useful!!) d’var Torah from one of the congregants.

If you want to learn more about P’nai Or or Jewish Renewal, you can find information on P’nai Or’s website…


I feel very blessed to have spent time with them, so …if you ever find yourself in Philadelphia for a weekend and have interest in experiencing a spiritually-moving service designed for progressive Jews… I recommend you stop by to pray with them!!

shavua tov, jen

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