for my anxious son


My little guy tends to be a lot like I was at his age — he worries a lot, about everything.  He wants to be able to “fix” it all, now.  And he gets frustrated and sad about his inability to “right” everything that he sees as “wrong.”   

As he and I colored together this past weekend, the picture above reminded me of Creation, and I colored it to be a “visual aid” that might help him understand his role in this world, so that he might not be as worried.  

You see . . . 

Creation wasn’t a one time event that happened forever ago; it’s an ongoing process that occurs at every moment.  

There’s always the darkness and chaos of the void swirling in the background.  

And into the middle of that void, Gd continually radiates Love and Light that emanates out into all of Creation . . . which includes lots of really wonderful stuff — like amazing colors, beautiful flowers, and loving people. 

The only thing that my son (or any of us) can do is:  (1) look for a ray of the Light that generates beauty and Love; (2) stand in that Light and grow in strength and wisdom; and then (3) become an agent of Light and Love, so that more Light shines for others to see and to stand in.    

All the rest is out of our control, so we must leave it to Gd . . . 

2 thoughts on “for my anxious son

  1. This is just such a powerful and yet very gentle essay, and may your words reach many. All week I have been hearing my peers relate stories of their grandchildren’s elevated anxiety levels and worry, and their grown children’s responses to it. It’s new territory for me as a Grandparent.
    Lovely post. Thank you. 🍁

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