Shedding Our “Skin”



When I found “him” . . . 


Antennae unfolded . . . 


Here come the long back legs . . . 


I have been called to shed a skin many times–to change a perspective, an internal barrier that may once have protected me but now serves as a block to growth. I have been called to peel away a persona that simply does not fit the evolving truth of who I am. I have been called not once or twice, but many times to reconsider what I believe to be true, to strip away assumptions, to form a new skin, born of the raw materials of the old one, but somehow different. I have been called to get out of my way and allow newness and grandeur to emerge.

Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar, The Dance of the Dolphin: finding prayer, perspective, and meaning in the stories of our lives, p.88 (Jewish Lights 2001).

This Shabbat, may each of us find the courage to let go of an assumption, to change our perspective, or to reconsider what we believe to be true . . . for though it can be terrifying to shed our “skin,” that shedding is the only way we can free ourselves from the confines of the past and open ourselves to grow into a future in which we are renewed over and over again, in grace and mercy, by the one and only infinite and eternal G-d . . .

May Shabbat bring shalom to all, jen

10 thoughts on “Shedding Our “Skin”

    • Thank you, JoHanna. Shabbat is such a blessing, because it provides an excuse to set aside the drive to “be successful” (as defined by a materialistic and money-driven culture), and to focus instead on the fact that each of us is intimately connected to the wind, the water, the earth, and everything else in creation.
      …and shedding (our ego, our fear, our anger, our assumptions, etc.) allows us to more easily recall, and be grateful for, our place in the infinitely cycling web of life that sustains us as we journey.
      All the best to you, jen

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