Watching the Storm



Facing east-southeast, sun at my back, as storm moved in from the south, 5:50 pm.



Flock of birds racing toward clear sky, from darkness to light


I arrived early at synagogue last night and was blessed with some time to watch a storm roll in from the south.  The mountain of white clouds looked so brilliant in the late afternoon sun that it’s beauty could distract an onlooker from the storm raging at her belly . . .until the thunder and lightning made themselves known!   

Watching the storm was a nice way to prepare myself for Shabbat service.  The size and power of the storm reminded me how small and fragile my little human existence really is in comparison to the storm, to the earth, and to this infinite universe in which we live.  And the storm’s slow progress northward reminded me to slow down, to breathe, to be present to the subtle changes happening — to the wind, the temperature, the pressure, the humidity, the lighting, etc. — all around me.    

Having been humbled and grounded in the present, I was ready to approach Gd . . . 

Shabbat shalom, jen 

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