It’s time, isn’t it??



I struggle today with the same question many others are trying to answer — “Why???”

Why do humans keep thinking the answer to any problem lies in the shedding of innocent blood?

Didn’t the One Infinite and Eternal G-d — who has many faces and names, and toward whom we may find a path in every one of the world’s religions — ask this same question millennia ago:

What have you done????    Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the dirt!!

(Genesis 4:10).

And yet we humans continue to spill the blood of our brothers and sisters, ignoring that the cry of blood from the dirt has already become a deafening cacophony.

When I think about “Why?”, I’ve started to wonder if, in fact, we aren’t in the midst of a holy war. But unlike some folks, I believe the battle lines of this century’s holy war are drawn without reference to religions (or countries or political ideologies). Rather, the battle line of our holy war is: Love vs. Not-Love.

And this war between Love and Not-Love cannot be won with intolerance, scapegoating, or bigotry. 

 Nor can we create the peace and prosperity we desire for ourselves and our children using the weapons of killing and mass destruction that “advanced peace” in the past by forcing less numerous or less-well equipped peoples to negotiate truces simply so that they might live to see another day.

Rather, true peace, lasting peace, the kind of peace for which holy persons and prophets of every religion and civilization have yearned for millennia will be possible only when all people –from across every imaginable line of division– join together to reject reasoning, dialogue, and action based in “Not Love.”

We must, each and every one of us, see “the stranger” in ourselves, and ourselves in “the stranger” … and we must begin to treat every person we encounter with the love and respect we would want accorded to us.  No more and no less.

It will not be easy. It will require sacrifice from everyone. It will require us to dig deep within ourselves for the strength and courage to ask difficult questions and to search for unselfish answers grounded in understanding, respect, and Love for all people.

But . . . it’s time, isn’t it?

Aren’t you ready for compassionate people everywhere to band together and become the hands, hearts, and voices that speak and act with Love in response to the cacophony of blood that cries out to G-d from the dirt??

Ken yehi ratzon,
May it be G-d’s Will.

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