the secrets we share


         the secrets we share

I smile at him because I know that he knows. And he smiles at me because he knows that I know. From across a room, we can laugh together like young children, giggling over the littlest things, because the secrets we share rest in the child’s heart within each of us, giving us each great joy!

Such a simple, simple love. So personal and intimate, yet also transcendent and overwhelming. There is nothing else that compares to this!!

Others, seeing our smiles and our giggling, misunderstand. They think the secrets we share are about inappropriate things. They think our loves — personal and intimate, yet transcending everything — are for one another. How little they understand!!

Our great loves are for G-d.  

And those secrets we share?

Well . . .

. . . only G-d can tell you those!  😉




The photograph is of one of the first pages in a book that I love so much from my childhood that I purchased a copy for each of my sons.  The book is My Little Golden Book About GOD, written by Jane Werner Watson and illustrated by Eloise Wilkin (copyright 1956, renewed 1984 by Random House).  

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