“set out for the fields”


My boys and I have spent the last six days on a small organic farm — collecting chicken eggs, cuddling with dogs and cats, petting a horse and a donkey, tromping through muck in mud boots, watching the sun rise and set, clearing brush, building campfires, folding and floating paper boots across a little pond as cattle lazily munch grass in another part of the pasture, allowing ourselves to “journey on gently, according to the pace of the cattle.”  Genesis 33:14.

It’s not only been a wonderful break from our regular school and work routines, but also an amazing chance to reconnect to nature. We’ve been able to experience wonder at many simple things — the sight of a crawdad, the strength of tree vines, the number of eggs chickens lay, the beauty of a horse trotting, the texture of Spanish moss, the colors of the sunset, and the massive size of some bull frogs!!   😀

In Honey from the Rock, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner explains that sometimes we must

set out for the fields and rediscover the fundamental truth: Entrances to holiness are everywhere and all the time.

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Honey from a Rock ch. 34 (Jewish Lights Publishing 2000).

How true that is!!!


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