I give thanks

For everything I am
For everything I’m not
For who I was
For who I will be
For every moment of this crazy Journey
I give thanks.

pleasure and pain
joy and sorrow
love and anger
All comes from Gd
and so, for All,
I give thanks.

For the agony of familial rejection and shame
that led to years I couldn’t look in a mirror,
I give thanks.

For the pitch-black darkness of spiritual exile
that preceded the blinding light of redemption,
I give thanks.

For those who truly see me
For those who don’t
For my Angels
For the evil inclination
For infinite opportunities to grow
I give thanks.

From the Unity, I came.
To the Unity, I will return.
And, Baruch HaShem,
in the Unity, I remain.
For the peace I found in that Truth,
I most certainly give thanks!


Praying each of you also has much for which you are grateful
this Thanksgiving and always, jen


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