The Portal


     There is a place where reality meets reality, a portal through which our souls can slip, and in that other -eternal- reality, the problems of this mortal life melt like tiny ice cubes in the light of the blazing hot summer sun. There is Joy. There is Love. And there is a melody that can’t quite be heard but toward which my soul yearns to grow, so that I too might learn to hum along with the angels as the one and only infinite and eternal Gd dances our Universe into being.

      And where, you might ask, is that portal? 

     It appears anywhere a person of faith –any faith– accepts the present moment and calms her mind enough to pass through the thin veil that separates reality from reality, finite from infinite, momentary from eternal. 

      May your faith and practice show you the way . . .  

shavua tov, jen