“something sweet”


Maybe if I brought the moon a little closer lovers would argue less.  

They might hold hands outside and point to the heavens and say, 

“I think God is up to 
something sweet!”

Rabia of Basra (ce. 717-801)

Sunday evening, as we begin our fall harvest festival of Sukkot, the full moon will be at the closest point in its orbit of the Earth. That “Super Moon” will also be eclipsed, turning blood red as it passes through the Earth’s shadow. I have no doubt it will be amazingly beautiful and awe-inspiring. Certainly, if nothing else, it ought to be worthy of pointing skyward and noting, as Rabia said, “God is up to something sweet!”

I plan to sit quietly and watch the scene unfold, trying simply to be and to breathe in sync with the rhythm of the universe — the ever-expanding finite matter that clothes the Infinite One, who is my G-d.  

Anyone else plan to watch?