The waning of Elul



One day after the August Supermoon, the moon has already begun to wane. And as goes the moon so goes the month of Elul and our opportunity to prepare for the New Year.  

It’s never fun to look at our mistakes, our missteps, our “failures” . . . but only by owning our responsibility and striving to understand where we went wrong can we hope to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Only then can we enter the New Year expecting to be sealed in the Book of Life for a year of health and happiness. 

The moon, the month, the year –all these must slip away in accordance with G-d’s Will. 

 Our chance to grow — it only slips away if we let it.  

shavua tov, jen

2 thoughts on “The waning of Elul

  1. Today, I got up very early and made sure I was out off pavement and into the wilderness foothills for sunrise. It struck me that I feel closest to God in these times, when the rest of the community is still asleep and I am pursuing the sun, not quite risen.

    • Yes, I know those moments. The world is filled such calm and quietness that G-d’s presence can slip out of hiding and into our awareness. Sacred moments when we, like Elijah, find ourselves in the wilderness, able to hear the still, soft voice . . . . May you continue to be blessed with feeling G-d’s closeness.

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