“Ani Shelach”


“Amemar, Mar Zutra and Rab Ashi would say this. Ribono shel Olam, Holy One of Being, Ani shelcha v’halomoti shelcha, I am yours and my dreams are yours. Halom halamti, I have dreamed a dream. V’ay-nehni yodea mah hu and I do not know what it means. . . . ”

Kushner, Lawrence. 1993. The River of Light. p. 23 (quoting Berachot 55b (Talmud)).

When I found that quote recently, I was thrilled to finally know the origin of the other half of the lyrics from my favorite Neshama Carlebach recording, a song called “Ani Shelach,” which means “I am yours.”

Aside from these words from the quote above — Ribono shel Olam, Ani shelcha v’halomoti shelcha — the only other lyrics in the song are The Priestly Blessing, from Numbers 6: 24-26.  In transliterated Hebrew, as sung by Carlebach,** the Priestly Blessing states:

Y’varechechah Hashem v’yishmirechah.
May Gd bless you and watch over you.

Ya’er Hashem panav eilecha v’yichuneka.
May Gd shine Light on you and be gracious to you.

Yisah Hashem panav eilecha v’yasem l’cha shalom.
May Gd lift goodness over you and give you peace.

Here is a recording of “Ani Shelach” that I found on the Internet, for those who wish to hear:



Shavua tov, jen


**Carlebach sings the text of the Blessing using the Hebrew word “Hashem” as the name of Gd. “Hashem” literally means “the name” and it is used by some Jews to indicate a place in the Hebrew text were the name of Gd is the four-letter “unspeakable” name of Gd, also known as the Tetragrammaton. Other Jews would say that Blessing by replacing the Tetragrammaton with the word “Adonai.” Regardless the name, it’s all One Gd!

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