finding ‘our way back Home’


“[A]ll religions are like different languages that seek to express that which is beyond words . . . so that we can remember our way back Home.”

Rabbi Dr. Nadia Siritsky, The Reform Advocate, Vol. VI, No. 2, Summer 2014.


In the first chapter of Be Love Now, Ram Dass explains that when feeling unconditional love occurs simultaneously with awareness that everything is ‘of G-d’ . . . 

“the door is opened to . . . the soul.”

Dass refers to the opening of that door as a moment of “grace,” in which a person becomes one with The One (i.e., G-d). Dass describes such a moment as “a deep sense of being home,” and he notes we feel this deep sense of home because our fears and our sense of unworthiness are dissolved in G-d’s Unconditional Love.

What a beautiful definition of Home!!

— a place where our fears and our sense of unworthiness are dissolved in unconditional love . . .

Who wouldn’t want to return there every day?!?!

Actually . . . if we were willing to admit the ugly truth about how we feel in our darkest hours . . . that is precisely the place to which each of us wishes we could return and stay — a place where we are loved so completely that we are not afraid of being rejected and we are not ashamed to be exactly who G-d created us to be.

That is, after all, the “place” from which humanity “fell” when Adam and Eve ate the apple, causing them to become self-aware, ashamed, and afraid . . .

AND. . .

from watching my own sons, it seems to be a developmental stage each of us reaches in childhood . . . when our awareness of the judgments passed by others in social situations begins to make us self-conscious and insecure.

Sadly, for many of us, that social awareness can eventually drown out our awareness of our internal sense of happiness and wholeness. It can drown out the still, small voice that tells us that we are loved unconditionally by G-d and that we are an integral, infinitely-important part of the universe.

And so, all religions try to remind us of our interdependence and they try to show us that Love, so that we might find our way back to the safety and security of that Home in G-d’s Grace.

Regardless our individual religious languages, may each of us find more moments to rest in the Grace of G-d’s Unconditional Love and, then, may we share that Love with others.

Shabbat shalom, jen

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