G-d’s Light




Once, as I sat in the darkness and silence of meditation, my mind’s eye opened like the swinging of a heavy wooden door, and I saw before me brilliantly blinding white light. Then, replacing the white light, I saw — in slow succession, as if the pictures were slid before me, one after another — three scenes of the most breath-taking, vivid colors: green leaves and grass, then purple flowers, then orange foliage. After the breath-taking colors, I experienced an immense sense of openness, of peace, of calm, of unity, of freedom, and of great awe. The beauty of the moment was so overwhelming that I began to cry.

About ten minutes after meditating, I realized that the three breath-taking images were secondary colors (green, purple, and orange) — which are not only created by combining other colors but are distinctly beautiful individual images created from white light — and only by seeing each of them as uniquely beautiful did I “pass” to a place of great awe.

In that moment, I understood that seeing true beauty occurs only when we respect our differences. I need not become less me, and you need not become less you, but we each must be permitted to stand in our truths and respectfully share ourselves with others. Each of us must allow (and be permitted by others to allow!) the White Light of G-d to pass through our souls and create whatever breath-taking color G-d created us to display. And each of us must come to see the beauty in the color of Light that comes from every other person!

Then, when any two of us stand together, each shining and respectfully allowing the other to shine, others around will see, in the combination of Lights, a new beautifully-vivid color that those two Lights create together.

And, if enough of us stand together, shining our true colors, our Lights will combine to create the White Light of Unity. As communities, we become capable of shining G-d’s White Light into this material world!!

. . . but, first, we must learn to see G-d’s Light shining in others . . . and we must recognize that every other person’s Light simultaneously is no less, and yet no more, important than our own light, so that we will not be afraid to let others shine . . .

Praying each of us learns a little better each day to see G-d’s Light in others and to encourage others to shine, jen

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