What a Love this is




What a Love this is that springs up within me, to flood the arid landscape of my soul.  It washes away the pain of my past, fills the cracks, and makes me again whole.

What a gift this is, this Love I was shown, by a rabbi who set my tears free, she assured me I’d find my way back to Gd, if I struggled to dig deep inside me.

What a treasure this is, this well that I dug, amidst a desert like Abraham my father. It releases the Love that sustains all life and lets me see Gd in all others.

What a miracle it is that I met that rabbi, at the height of my internal strife. She saw Gd in me, taught me how to dig, and now truly I have a new life.

What an honor it is to feel this Love, as it springs up from deep in my soul. May Gd help me learn to share it with others, so that they too can make themselves whole.


praying Shabbat brings shalom, jen


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