giving thanks



On this Thanksgiving Day, when so many around me seem to have struggled recently, I pause to consciously remind myself that — despite the frustrations and the sadness that each of us experiences on this journey we call ‘Life’ — to be a person with faith in the One Almighty G-d is to hold on to the hope that springs forth eternally and to continue believing that, somehow, with the love of our family, our friends, and our faith communities we can indeed heal ourselves, each other, and this broken world.

While none of us can live a life that is completely free from heartache or pain,
may G-d grant us the stamina to keep looking for, and the wisdom to see, the blessings that we do receive.

Praying everyone had a day filled with Love, jen


2 thoughts on “giving thanks

  1. Good afternoon Jen – I dropped by to thank you for following The Vision of Poets and have very much enjoyed my visit here. My day was filled with love and truly hope that yours was as well. This is a beautiful post and you are so right about healing. Love can do miraculous things.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us and I look forward to many more visits here.
    Have a beautiful evening…

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