the face of Unconditional Love


The face of Unconditional Love . . . such a beautiful sight to see! If every person could see it each day what a different world this would be. Who among us couldn’t use a vision of Love that sweet? To believe we are forever accepted, whatever circumstances we meet.

Is anyone willing to accept the task of training to be One who stands with an open heart as hate and anger burn like the sun? Who among us has the strength to show others the path to peace? To give of yourself when others could not, from Love that will never cease?

To change the world we’ll need an army of people just like these. People willing to sacrifice the hearts upon their sleeves. People who know that hate is fear and anger is just a defense for those who can’t yet feel the Love, infinite and heaven sent.

I tell you, my friends, a day will come when this army will arise, when Love will prevail and Oneness will be visible to all eyes.  I believe it’s true for I’ve experienced visions of Love that sweet, from angels who try to hand that Love to everyone they meet.


praying Shabbat brings shalom, jen




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