Hannah Senesh


In all of my Jewish studies, one “character” has most intrigued me — Hannah Senesh, a Hungarian Jew who made aliyah to Israel but then died at the age of 23 when she volunteered to parachute back into Nazi territory to help save other Jews. Senesh is known not just for her heroism, but also for the beautiful and moving poetry she wrote, some of which has been set to music and become part of Jewish liturgy worldwide.

Today, because this week marks the 70th anniversary of her death, Rabbi Joshua Weinberg posted an article about Senesh on the internet. His article contains a “new” poem by Senesh — found only two years ago in a desk drawer!

The new poem is entitled “Hora to a Daughter of the Exile” . . . and its content left me seeing Senesh more as a Kabbalist than as a secular kibbutznik.  I am sure that Senesh was . . . just like all the rest of us . . . more complicated and contradictory than any of our simplistic labels could ever convey . . . and I am grateful that Rabbi Weinberg gave all of us a chance to see her with new depth and dimension.

I hope you’ll read and enjoy:


Praying your days are filled with blessings, jen

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