the reward is worth the risk


To live from a framework of Love is to interact with the world from the perspective that everyone you meet is a friend you just don’t yet know, that the air through which you walk is the ocean of G-d’s Infinite Love, and that joy about the inherent beauty in the world is always there waiting for you . . . if you can pull yourself out of the rat-race long enough to acknowledge and feel it . . .

Living from Love truly is an awesome way to live!!!

But, unfortunately, that is not to say that it is easy.

In fact, it can be incredibly hard to stay in Love when our world contains so many other people who seem to have forgotten how to act from a place of Love, people whose life experiences sadly have taught them to believe the truth is that each person has been left here on this planet alone to battle constantly for resources that are inadequate and for love that is fleeting. Nevertheless, we do not have to allow the fears of others keep us from accessing what we know in our hearts is true.

I know it can be frightening to open our hearts, to risk rejection, to strip ourselves down to the bare minimum so that we need not be afraid to live from Love . . . but I promise you, the reward is worth the risk!

If you aren’t already living from Love, I invite you to open your heart, so more of us can live in the Ocean of G-d’s Love together, and I sincerely hope you’ll join us . . .

Shabbat shalom, jen

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