BaYom HaHu (“On that day”)


Placing things in boxes is just what humans do.  We ignore examples that don’t fit; tell kids categories are true.  Focusing on distinctions, we draw lines, separate, then we use those rigid boxes to justify hate.

But must one box end before another begins? If I stand in six boxes, would that be a sin?  If words touch my soul, why should I care, if it was Rumi or Rashi who put them out there? Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, Lao Tzu, those men all used words to share G-d’s Love too!!

So here’s my idea — starting today — let’s all break down our boxes and let love lead the way!   We can sit in small circles discussing how we’re the same, transforming every “other” into a friend with a name.   Once we’re feeling G-d’s love, and there’s no more hate, we’ll have arrived at a day the whole world could celebrate!

Inspired by Zachariah 14:9, which says: “G-d will reign over all the lands, and on that day, G-d will be One and G-d’s name will be One.”

shavua tov, jen



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