Shams Tabriz


Shams Tabriz flew in like a bird and opened my soul without saying a word. I suddenly knew the whole world was one — every woman my mother, every boy my son.  

The world from this vantage is beautiful, it’s true; yet constant light tears rendered my face wet like dew, for the truth I’d found, others could not see, and then Shams flew away, leaving there alone, only me.

. . . jen


Appendix, just FYI:  Shams Tabriz was a wandering mystic known as The Bird who lived in the 13th century CE.  When he was about 60 years old, Shams became the teacher of Rumi, a wealthy 37-year-old Islamic teacher.  During the two brief years they studied together, Rumi was so utterly transformed by the Divine Presence he experienced through his interactions with Shams that Rumi became not just a mystic, but the most prolific mystical poet of all time and the founder of Sufism, the mystical branch of Islam.


2 thoughts on “Shams Tabriz

  1. This is beautiful Jen, I learned something new, which I will now obsess over until I find out more. Any reference material books etc. on Shams Tabriz you would suggest? Thank you. Shalom, Daniel

    • Hi Daniel. Thank you for your note. Most of the information that I offered came from the back cover of a book of Rumi’s poetry, Masnavi, translated by Edward Whinfield in the early 1900s. I picked up a copy of the book at Half-Price Books the other day. I also read a bit about Rumi and Shams on Enjoy your investigation!!
      🙂 jen

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