Coincidence or Miracle?


As I’m sure you all know, trees grow with knot holes.  The piece of firewood in the picture below had a hole from the outside as big around as my thumb.


Inside, the hole was about a two cubic inch space, which would be a pretty nice spot for a small bird or some insects!!


That rational scientist who lives in my brain thinks:  “Hhmmm, trees evolved in such a way that they provide little houses for animals.  That’s convenient.”

The mystic in my heart thinks:  “Baruch HaShem!!  How small are the odds that Reality would unfold in such a way that trees would evolve to have houses for animals???  It’s truly a miracle!!!”

The choice, once again, is up to each of us . . .

So . . . what do you see — coincidence or miracle??

shavua tov, jen



4 thoughts on “Coincidence or Miracle?

  1. I love this one. My mind fights the same battle, and I suppose I don’t know which explanation is True… But I choose to believe in miracles.



    • Thanks, G! I’m glad you liked it!! I also choose to believe and see the miracle, because it brings me more joy than the strictly rational response from my brain.

      What I find most intriguing, though, is the great extent to which I’m beginning to “see” that the rational and the mystical can be compatible, IF I stop expecting “G-d” to be a force within my comprehension or a shape within my experience. There is no logical reason why G-d and evolution cannot be compatible. The only impediment (yet again!!) is my unwillingness to “think outside the box”!! 🙂

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