Re-blog Day 4


Well, we’ve arrived at our fourth and final day of re-blogs.  I hope that you have enjoyed as much as I have the fact that there is great overlap to be found across spiritual paths.  Regardless which specific religion each blogger follows, the each blogger’s goal is to understand and remember the individual’s place as part of the UNITY — with family, with nature, with G-d — because it is that recognition of our place in the UNITY that permits us to humbly turn over “control” and gratefully accept the blessings we might otherwise overlook, so that we can live from a place of abundance, joyfully sharing what we have with others, without concern about what tomorrow might bring.

Today’s re-blog is from Rob, who is involved in Unity centers, and whose description of himself includes this: “We are one with spirit and spirit resides within. As our consciousness of the spirit within grows, we change, and as we change, our experience of the world changes.”   Rob’s blog contains many great posts, but this is the one that most spoke to me in the last few weeks:

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.

Shabbat shalom!!!  jen

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