Re-blog Day 3


Today’s re-blog comes from Daniel:  “Grateful follower of HaShem, husband of one, father of two. That’s me, all of me.  I am writing again after a long dry spell in the desert and it sets me free.”   

Daniel’s writings have an amazing rhythm and flow, and yet they carry a depth of meaning that easily can be overlooked on the first read.   The post I share with you below is one that I keep coming back to read again and again, because it conveys many truths about what it means to live a holy life:   

The Place We Need to Be (Shadows of Sinai).

May your Thursday be blessed, jen


2 thoughts on “Re-blog Day 3

  1. I am happy you re-blogged my work Jen, and even more so this piece! I myself often get more out of what people find I have written than what I thought was behind it myself. It’s very humbling. likewise I have very much enjoyed reading about your own spiritual walk. It helps me on my own path. Have a wonderful day. Shalom, Daniel

    • Thank you, Daniel, for sharing the keys you find when you walk to the precipice!! That we must “recognize narcissism as unbelief” is one of the most powerful affirmations of the Sh’ma that I have read lately, and there is much truth (too often overlooked today) in the fact that performance of even a few simple mitzvot with the proper intention can “cleanse our cluttered mind.” May you continue “to find goodness in the challenge of your days,” and may HaShem continue to bless you. Shabbat shalom! jen

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