101, really??


I began this blog in July two years ago, and this is my 101st post. I’d like to believe there will be 101 more, or 1001 more!, but only G-d knows what the future might hold, so I’ll just be glad I made it to 100!

I am incredibly grateful to my family and friends who have been here from the beginning, because you gave me reason to believe I wouldn’t just be speaking into a void as I tried to find my voice.  I didn’t really expect any “strangers” would follow along, but it turns out there are a few other souls out there who appreciate my attempts to find meaning in daily life, and I’m grateful for those people as well.

One of the surprising parts of this blogging experience has been the extent to which I feel a sense of community from being able to read the blogs of others who are wandering about in the same parts of the existential landscape where I wander.

Even more surprising to me is the fact that the four blogs that I’ve followed for months (because they consistently speak to me) are written by (in alphabetical order) a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew, and a person “involved in Unity centers and other metaphysical organizations.”  That simple fact has been an incredibly powerful reminder for me that people of every religion face similar struggles trying to live a holy life in our complicated world and, though we may ascribe to different religions, our paths to peace and meaning involve many shared concepts.

I thought it might be fun over the next few days to share with you a few writings by some of those other bloggers who speak to me, because perhaps their writings will speak to some of you as well.  If so, feel free to follow their blogs in addition to, or even instead of, mine — ultimately, it’s more important to me that each of you hears G-d’s messages of Unity and Infinite Unconditional Love in a style that speaks to you, even if that means that you choose to hear it from someone else!!  Those posts will begin tomorrow morning.

May each of you find blessings throughout your day today . . .

Shavua tov, jen

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