A couple of days ago during my lunch break at work, I looked at the sky outside the window of my 10th floor office and noticed that, although there was no wind, the clouds looked different than a few moments earlier.  Then I noticed that a small fluffy cloud in the upper right of my visual field was “dissolving.”   So I pulled out my phone and took two and a half minutes of video.  During that 150 seconds, the fluffy cloud disappeared and, toward the center of my visual field, a new small fluffy cloud was formed.  The nineteen photographs in this gallery are screen shots from that video.

As I watched one cloud evaporate and a new cloud be formed nearby, I couldn’t help but think of my Granny, whose memory is a blessing.  Although she no longer appears in the form in which I was accustomed to seeing her, her essence nevertheless remains nearby for me to see in the love on my ten-year-old’s face when he speaks of her and to hear in the funny way that my five-year-old says my name when I have done something silly.

Perhaps the pictures will have a similar impact on some of you, allowing you to connect to the infinite web of life or the eternal ways in which we are connected to those we have known.

Shabbat shalom, jen


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