The Song



Yesterday morning, as I sat on the cabin porch to say a few prayers and watch the sun rise, the wind was blowing a steady procession of waves across the lake. The waves arrived ashore with a rhythmic sloshing sound. Then, before the sun could rise, a soft rain began to fall and birds began to chatter, sing and call.

Slosh. Drip.
Slosh. Drip.
Slosh. Drip-drip.
Chirp. Chirp.
Slosh. Drip.
Chirp. Caw-caw.
Slosh. Chirp.
Caw. Drip.
Slosh. Peet-peet.
Dee dee dee duh.
Slosh. Drip. Screech!

Our world is filled with music, with the song of the universe. We all know how to hear the song — after all, humans once lived in harmony with the rhythm of that song!  Our ability to hear the Song is innate, we just have to force ourselves to stop long enough to listen . . .




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