reminders everywhere


One of the most fascinating aspects of my Journey is that the longer I am on it, as I continue to read words that inspire me and to sit in silence so that the messages sink in, allowing wisdom to occasionally be revealed, I seem to be seeing more “signs” —  little things that before would have gone unnoticed, but that now remind me of lessons I have learned within this philosophy of life that I’m trying to adopt.

For example, last week, I managed to take a screen shot of my phone when the battery was completely empty:


and that picture reminded me of this Truth:

True joy requires a constant emptying of yourself before G-d….

Andrew Harvey, forward at xi, in HASIDIC TALES ANNOTATED & EXPLAINED by Rabbi Rami Shapiro, 2004 Skylight Paths Publishing (Woodstock, Vt.).

It’s not always an easy task, ignoring the ego that — when I am afraid, or hurt, or emotionally vulnerable — urges me to protect myself with counter-productive defense mechanisms, rather than remain “empty” of those negative emotions, but remaining “empty” is what allows me to be present, to feel unconditional love, to offer love to others, and to experience True Joy, so I’m really glad that I’ve begun to see reminders everywhere . . . even in an empty phone battery!

praying all of you also see “reminders” that help you walk a more peaceful and loving path . . .

shavua tov, jen

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