for Pope Francis


Pope Francis was in the Middle East this past weekend.  On Monday in Jerusalem, he visited the Western Wall of the Temple Mount, which some consider the last remaining wall of the Second Temple.  After bowing his head to pray with one hand on the wall, the Pope placed a note in a crack in the Wall.  According to the Huffington Post:

He then embraced his good friend, Argentine Rabbi Abraham Skorka, and a leader of Argentina’s Muslim community, Omar Abboud, both of whom joined his official delegation for the trip in a sign of interfaith friendship.

Yesterday afternoon, I looked up from my desk on the tenth floor of an office building to see the most amazing sight — a rainbow between two clouds — and it was next to the Catholic Church that is about a block from my office:


I don’t know if G-d intended this rainbow to be a shout-out for Pope Francis and his love of all people . . . but I do!!



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