“solid” as a rock



There are layers of me that you can’t see.

Cracks & fault lines — some new and some pressed back together by the pressure of time.

Yet those microscopic fissures remain, unnoticeable most of the time to me or to others.

But when other rocks crash into my fissures with sufficient force, whether accidentally or on purpose, I can be broken.

Sometimes the breaks reveal amazingly unexpected beauty, but sometimes they leave sharp edges that can cut everything they touch.

Today, may we all begin to be a bit more gentle with one another, respecting we each have weaknesses that we wish not to have cracked open for the world to see.

shavua tov, jen



2 thoughts on ““solid” as a rock

  1. Rocks also tell a story. Sometimes the story is clear cut, other times the long-time interpretation is actually incorrect, unknown to most. Embrace the story that the rock tells, because it’s our story, your story, my story. Without each piece of the past, the story – yours and mine – becomes someone else’s story or perhaps not a story at all.

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