This morning’s sky


Genesis tells us that on the second day, G-d divided the water (ha-mayim) and placed a division between “the water below” and “the water above.”  The “water below” continued to be called “mayim” — which to this day remains the Hebrew word for “water” — and the “water above” was called “shamayim” — which forevermore became the Hebrew word for both “sky” and “heaven.”   The division between those waters is the space in which we land-dwelling creatures exist.

Frequently, I can wander through my day without consciously remembering that the sky is not just the sky, but rather really is sha-mayim, “that water” above the space that was created.
But this morning, the sky absolutely wouldn’t let me forget that it really was water.
ripples like drips into a puddle:
wave rolling out from beach:
May you find blessings today as you walk thru “the space between the waters” . . . jen