Zach’s New Mezuzah



At religious school today, my son Zachary made this mezuzah for his bedroom door.  For those who do not know, a mezuzah is the “box” that Jews hang on doorposts to remind us of G-d as we leave and return through doorways.  Inside the box is a parchment that contains special texts from Torah.

Mezuzot can be made from any material and decorated in most any color scheme or style.  Some are very ornate and others very simple, but almost all of them will have a Shin — the Hebrew letter that makes an “SH” sound.  Sometimes a mezuzah has three letters on it, Shin-Dalet-Yud, which spells the word “Shaddai,” one of the 72 names for G-d.  I thought that’s all there was to the story – the mezuzah contains the word Shaddai or has a Shin to remind us of Shaddai . . . until I ran across this bit of information a few months ago:


So, the decision to place Shaddai on the mezuzah, rather than one of the other 71 names for G-d, was not random.  That name was chosen because its letters – being an acronym for “Guards Israel’s Doors” – are the perfect name to place on a box that we affix to our doorposts.

Shavua tov, jen

2 thoughts on “Zach’s New Mezuzah

  1. I love this. I have a friend who has this at the doorway of his apartment door and he always touches it when he walks in and out. I think it’s wonderful.

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