Experiencing G-d’s Presence, Part 1


A couple of weeks ago, I posted that I had been thinking about whether we can ever truly feel the warmth of the fire if we aren’t willing to risk being burned.   Since then, I’ve been working on finding the words to share with you what I was thinking about when I wrote that.  By the time I was finished writing, it was too much for one post . . . so I’m publishing my first Trilogy!    LOL!

From time to time, our life circumstances can be such that we wish we could feel G-d’s presence in our lives more frequently or more strongly.

But modern society has organized our lives in such a way, and “rationalized” our lives to such an extent, that many of us feel we are permitted to acknowledge G-d’s presence only . . .

. . . one day a week,
. . . in our house of worship,
. . . if we get a little, warm, fuzzy feeling, without wanting to cry or dance.

But . . .  if we place that many constraints on experiencing G-d, will we be able to feel G-d’s presence in our lives in the random moments when we need or want to feel G-d’s presence?

It would be really convenient.

And I do wish I could say that we could just snap our fingers and feel connected to G-d whenever we would like, even with all those constraints.

But I’m afraid that’s just not how this “G-d-thing” works for most of us!

The truth – at least as I understand it – is that experiencing G-d requires only one thing . . .

. . . but . . . it’s a thing that can be scary for most of us . . .

. . . and . . . it’s a thing that, for most of us, takes practice . . .

We Have To Open Our Hearts!!!

Opening our hearts means we must give ourselves permission to feel whatever emotion we might feel at any particular moment — which could mean laughing with joy, crying in sorrow, or feeling completely overwhelmed by G-d’s infinite love.

And THAT is a risky endeavor because, depending on how long it has been since we last opened our hearts and on how stressful our current life circumstances are, we may have a lot of emotion to release!

But if we aren’t willing to take the risk of opening our hearts, at random times and in random places, to feel whatever is in there to be felt  — because we are afraid that we might get burned by the emotion we find — then we may be unable to open our hearts to feel G-d’s presence on our day of worship or at a random moment when we need to find a strength that is not our own . . .

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