It is said that “Who created this?” is the question at the heart of mysticism, because it is the question asked by a person who, while standing atop a mountain or looking at a newborn child (for example), becomes filled with wonder and awe about the mystery and majesty of G-d.

But I’m finding that the questions that lead me to feel wonder and awe usually begin with: “How??”

–How can leaves from the same tree turn so many different colors, shades of colors, combinations of colors, patterns, etc., etc.?

–How is it that a camera take photographs that seem to accurately depict “the world” 99 percent of the time, but yet never quite capture the pink/orange salmon/melon color that exists for 30 to 60 seconds when the perfect conditions exist during a sunrise or sunset??

–How did Hillel Zeitlin, a Jewish journalist who lived in Poland until he died in the Holocaust, “know” my Truth? Or, how do I “know” his? How can it be that my perspective on the meaning of life is exactly the same as someone who lived such a different life in such a different place and time?

–How do I “know” the contents of some of the Hasidic texts that I’m reading before I actually read them?

–How did Freud convince rationalists to take seriously the concept “collective unconscious,” when it was simply a new name for the Hasidic conceptualization of G-d as “the One who knows all because the One is all”???

–How can it be that research from the Global Consciousness Project based at Princeton University demonstrates the existence of a “global consciousness” that “reacts” hours before large-scale traumatic events like a destructive tsunami or terrorist attack???

–How could it be possible that Einstein created the concept of “space-time” without comprehending that he was creating a scientific equation for the Tetragrammaton, the letters of which suggest is it the unfolding of being (i.e., reality)??

–How could it be mere coincidence that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, if re-wound, takes us back to “Unity,” to a single point of light that “shattered” violently . . . . just as in the Kabbalistic version of “creation”???

–How improbable is it that Einstein, who admittedly did not care for organized religion, could have been so “steeped” in what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel called the Golden Age of Judaism that surrounded him, that he was mentally unaware of what his unconscious had done??

–How can all of these things be just random???


When I lie awake at night looking at the darkness, when I sit and look at the stars, as I commute in the sunrise or sunset, as sit in my office watching the clouds roll in from the west, as I gather leaves with my kids, as I read books and watch television . . . wherever I go and whatever I do, I just keep looking around and wondering:


And . . . now . . .

–How can it be that I have only, at this very moment, truly comprehended that Judaism is a religion of questions, not answers, because it’s not the answers that lead us to wonder and awe . . . it’s the questions!!!!

My question is “How?” . . .  Have you found your question??

One thought on ““How?”

  1. I believe you might enjoy reading my novel because of your question.

    As A Lily Among Thorns – A Story of King Solomon, the Queen of Sheba, and the Goddess of Wisdom by Rudy U Martinka

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    The Queen of Sheba asked the same questions 3000 years ago. Nothing is new under the Sun.


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