Water Park Wisdom


Yesterday afternoon, we were at a water park with huge water slides. Riding them is not an experience that I would choose for myself at this point in my life, but when my nine-year-old son asks, I simply can’t resist his excited face!! So, we grabbed an tube-for-two and headed up the stairs. Here’s what I found:

Hurtling through a dark tunnel.
Can’t anticipate the path.
Can’t control the direction.
Want to enjoy the ride.
Fear and excitement are SO similar.
Have to accept I’m not in control.
Appreciate the moments when the tunnel is slightly illuminated by sunlight.
Don’t be shocked if the pitch-black darkness returns.
The light from the end of the tunnel is visible long before you actually exit the tunnel.
Just when you’re about to celebrate that you’ve survived the experience, you’re nearly drowned.

I’ve always enjoyed singing along to Tom Cochrane’s hit song “Life is a Highway.” After this weekend, I think “Life is a Water Slide” might be more accurate . . . although it’s probably not Top 40 radio material!!

Shavua tov!

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