“everything in the universe”

This morning, on the way to preschool . . .


Jen: “Look at this sunrise, Evan!”

Evan: “WOW!  I love clouds!!”
Jen: “What else do you love, Evan?”
Evan: “I love the sun . . . I love trees!  I love balloons!!  I love owls!!  I love cereal and fruit snacks!!  I love animals! . . .  I love everything in the whole universe!!   I’m just like you, Ami!!!”

Jen:  Yes, you are, Evan.  You love everything in the universe, and that makes you just like me, son.”

It’s a simple joy.
Seeing beauty in the world.
Allowing yourself to feel love for,
and to feel loved by,
The Universe,
The Unity,
The One That Is The Many.
 . . .
It’s a simple joy . . .
and it is made all the more beautiful by the chance to share it with another soul who also sees, who feels the love, and who is unafraid to share his love for everyone and everything.
 . . .
It’s a simple joy . . .
but I’m starting to wonder . . .
when I am about to die . . .
could any other moments possibly matter more??
shabbat shalom, jen

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