“Bending” Space


Stories are told of the Baal Shem Tov having a horse-drawn carriage in which he could travel great distances in a short time.  See, e.g., http://www.thefoundationstone.org/en/beitmidrash/ketershem-tov/1309-storiesbeshtdevarim.html ; http://www.kolel.org/tastytreats/mod6.1.html (noting BeShT had “the charm for swift travel”).  Typically, after BeShT and his fellow travelers had begun a journey, the driver would drop the reins and turn around to face the others, and then BeShT would speak words of Torah as they miraculously arrived at their far-away destination only a short time later.  It was as if BeShT’s deep spirituality gave him either the ability to pause time so that a journey appeared to occur quickly or the ability to bend space so that a destination was closer than normal (or both!!).

I’ve never been quite sure what to make of these stories, but I’m starting to wonder if my little guy isn’t the reincarnated soul of Baal Shem Tov because not only is he (about 95% of the time) a genuinely happy soul who constantly exudes love and spontaneously dances with joy, but he also has already figured out how to “bend space”!!

One night at my kids’ bedtime, I was at a friend’s house for Torah study, and my little guy was sad because I wasn’t home to cuddle with him.  He was crying and crying, and then he asked his Mama to use the gps app on her cell phone to see where I was in relation to him.  This was the picture:


Then, he asked her to make the map “bigger” (by which he meant “zoom out”), which made the map look like this:


When he saw that picture, he excitedly said:  “Look, Mama, Ami’s purple dot is cuddling with our blue dot!  We’re cuddling with Ami!!!”

And, having “bent space” to reach his desired “destination,” my little guy was no longer crying and fell asleep.

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