Just another day?


Did you see the sunrise this morning????

The sunlight set the clouds ablaze and was streaming out between them. It was dawn, but the dawn of what?

Just another day of the daily grind??

In “The Sacred Art of Lovingkindness.” (Skylight Paths, iBooks), Rabbi Rami Shapiro explains:

Do not imagine that the world to come is tied to a future time. The world to come is present here and now, if only you open yourself to it. Speak gently and cultivate humility, and the wonder will embrace you; you will see and live the world to come here and now. Thus Rabbi Hanokh says,
“Other nations too believe that there are two worlds. They too say: In the world to come. The difference is this: They think that the two worlds are separate and severed, but Israel professes that the two worlds are essentially one and shall in fact become one.”
The unity of this world and the world to come depends on you realizing your unity with all things in, with, and as God. This is what the Kotzker Rebbe tried to teach when he asked, “Where does God dwell?” Answering his own question, he said, “God dwells wherever you let God in.” God is everywhere and everything, but until you are open to God in this way, God’s infinity is blocked by the finitude of self.

So, what will we choose to see today?

Separateness, or Unity?

The finite, or the Infinite?

This world, or Olam Haba (“the world to come”)?

Just another day, or a day like no other??

The choice is ours to make.

Baruch HaShem.

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